Tailor Made shock absorbers

Tailor Made Shock absorbers

Customized HM4X4 shock absorbers are entirely Made in Italy and built with steel tubes for mechanical uses, internally lapped, phosphated and painted with epoxy powders.

They can be recalibrated and readjusted in all their parts. In the first year after purchase, recalibration – if requested - is free of charge, in order to adapt the shock absorber to the way you use your off-road vehicle.

Many different sizes are immediately available; otherwise, we can realized tailored shocks according to your needs.

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Custom off-road shock absorbers

Today we are able to produce made-to-measure off-road shock absorbers in a short time by carefully adjusting the calibration, the constant presence on the competition fields and the proximity to the Tunisian desert has allowed us to accumulate a considerable experience that can also give assistance to the Teams. most prestigious Europeans. In addition to the quality of the shock absorbers and the first-rate assistance together with the shock absorber, services are purchased that only a manufacturer can guarantee, the first recalibration of the shock absorbers is always free within the year and the revision is always guaranteed at a price content throughout the life of the shock.

Car suspension, research and development

In 2019 we created a new area dedicated to the research and development of car suspensions, the cutting edge is the latest generation digital test bench that allows us to study and develop new components for the suspensions. This technology allows us to support European companies that want to test and develop new solutions but above all it allows us to calibrate the suspension based on the real customer request in order to aim for 100% satisfaction.