Led bars offroad

Led light offroad

Led bars off-road and additional spotlights off-road to experience your offroad routes even at night. The LED bars for off-road vehicles have considerable advantages, they last more than 30,000 hours; they allow to obtain a higher brightness at the same Watt (lumens/Watt), leaving the autonomy of the batteries unchanged; do not use hazardous or fragile materials in their interior and their longer life results in a reduction in the production of special waste.

LED bars off road

Why buy the LED off-road bars?

The LED bars off-road are purchased when you intend to mount on your own off-road additional off-road spotlights that are able to provide adequate light in adverse lighting conditions.

They also give a more aggressive look to your off-road vehicle, which during the night exits will emit a very intense light, able to tear out the darkness.

Are LED offroad bars approved?

The standards of approval for LED bars for off-road vehicles are contained in the international ECE regulations (classified according to different codes), also ratified by Italian law. The most relevant for the world of 4x4 are the regulations for the assembly and adjustment of dipped-beam headlights and main-beam (ECE R112) and the regulations for the installation of position lights (ECE R7), as illustrated by the following images.


According to the ECE R112 standard, LED offroad bars must be installed in pairs* with a maximum of 4 main beam light sources** per car. All certified main-beam headlamps shall have a reference number written on the housing or lens cover corresponding to the value of the light source candles. You can find this number on the left or right of the e-mark sign. According to the ECE R112, the sum of the main-beam headlamps connected to the car must not exceed 100. There are no special mounting rules on width and height.

* national legislation may apply
** including existing headlamps

Under the ECE R7 regulation, off-road led headlights must be installed in pairs*. A car must have only 4 position lamps**, which are wired directly. Special mounting rules apply on width and height.

* national legislation may apply
** including existing headlamps