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Fog light round

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fog lights  round

Equipped with 20 Watt LEDs, the Mini Cannon fog light series features high power LEDs to get 75 meters of usable light from just one LED.

The Mini CANNON fog light uses new PLC optical technology to produce an ultra-wide elliptical beam with a sharp cut-off to keep the light low to the ground and not blind oncoming traffic.

They also feature Pulse Width Modulation technology which sends energy to the LEDs faster than the human eye can detect, in order to reduce the internal temperature of the light and achieve the lifetime rated at 50,000 hours.

Available with clear or yellow light, they are sold single or in pairs. Make your choices from the menu above.


  • LED: Single 20W LED
  • housing material: Aluminum
  • light color temperature: 6000 Kelvin
  • size: 92/92/97mm
  • weight: 0.62kg
  • voltage: 9-32V DC
  • amperage: 0.84A@24V DC - 1.67A@12V DC
  • Vibration Rating: 15.6 Grms
  • lens material: polycarbonate
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
  • built-in PWM dimming circuit
  • advanced heat sink design
  • weatherproof Deutsch connector
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