King coilover

King coilover

King shocks coilovers are universal and multipurpose, intended for vehicles and prototypes, for both on-road and off-road use. By choosing between different configurations and calibrations, these shock absorbers will adapt to different uses, fully satisfying your needs.

Enter HM4X4, set up your coilover and enjoy your ride.

The King coilover can be accessorized according to your needs either when ordering or later with the following accessories:

Shock absorber fitting:
you can choose the shock absorber side connection in three positions, standard, 45° and 90°;

90° or 45° reservoir fitting: you can choose the orientation of the tank with respect to the shock absorber body; you can choose standard, 45° and 90°;

Wide spacers: it is possible to choose the pin diameter and the width of attachment to the frame and axle;

External bump stop: it is possible to choose whether to insert a bumpstop made of rubber or Foam, higher and softer;

Rod end length: it is possible to install supports that connect the coilover stem to the bridge, 3 sizes over the standard;

Coil slider: it is possible to choose the sliding sleeve interposed between the two springs made of high temperature resistant Nylon instead of the standard plastic one;

Triple rate spring: it is possible to have the coilover arranged for the installation of the third "helper" spring in addition to the two standard springs;

Bottom spring plate: it is possible to choose the spring holding plate placed on the stem in standard flat or raised version;

Reservoir: it is possible to have the short finned reservoir to better dissipate heat;

Shaft guard: it is possible to add a plastic protection that protects the shaft from stones or branches.

From the menu above make the choices to have the ideal configuration to your needs, if you have any doubts contact us.