What is the purpose of registering?
The registration allows you to be recognized by the system and to access your personal area of ​​the site, from which you can:
    • view the history of the orders sent.
    • modify and / or add shipping addresses.
    • change your registration data.
    • create a wish list to watch for future purchases.

How can I register?
You can subscribe by clicking "Register" at the top right of the home page. You will be asked to fill in all the fields. Those with an asterisk are mandatory.
It is important to enter a valid e-mail address because it will be used to notify you of order confirmation, shipment of goods and other useful information about your order.

Is the registration free?
Yes: you will not be charged for registering.

I need to give you my email: will I receive junk mail?
No! You will only receive e-mails regarding the management of your orders.
If at the time of registration you clicked on the box at the bottom right "receive the newsletter", you will receive emails with the best promotions. At any time you can decide to unsubscribe from the newsletter

Will my data be communicated to other people?
In any case, they will be transferred to third-party companies unrelated to your order.

What rules should I follow to create a password?
The password can be any word or combination of letters and numbers that is easy for the user to memorize. example: tulip556. The password must be at least 6 characters and can NOT contain special characters.

I don't remember the password: how can I recover it?
Click on sign in, at the bottom left there is the recover password button. Once you click, a new page will appear and you can enter the email address to which the link to reset the password will be sent.




Has my order been sent?
When your order is shipped you will receive a courier notice in your e-mail box and you will be able to monitor the status of the delivery. On national territory, the expected delivery time is normally after two working days.
Through the courier portal, you can check for any delivery delays or any delivery failure notifications.

Can I check the shipping status of my order?
When your order is shipped, you will receive a courier notice in your e-mail box and you will be able to monitor the progress of the delivery. The tracking code of the shipment is also available in the order detail, viewable in "my orders" section of your account.
We remind you that, if the addressee is not available upon delivery, the courier service will attempt up to three times to deliver the parcel. If the parcel returns to the sender, return costs will be charged to the customer. 

There are no products available in my order: when will they be shipped?

Your order will only be shipped when all products are available for shipment. If you are also interested in a partial shipment, this can be done, but with a double charge of shipping costs.

Can I cancel or modify or integrate an order?
Yes, it is possible to cancel the order only if it has not been sent. You can request cancelation by sending an email to info@hm4x4.com or contacting us at +39 0917862244.
Yes, you can modify the order only if it was not sent by writing an email to info@hm4x4.com or by contacting us at +39 0917862244. You cannot change the shipping address in any case if you have paid with PayPal.
Yes, it is possible to integrate the order only if it has not been sent. You can request the integration by sending an email to info@hm4x4.com or by contacting us at +39 0917862244. Your request for integration will be notified through an updated order confirmation.



How can I pay?
The payment methods are:
    • transfer;
    • PostePay recharge;
    • Paypal: You will be redirected to a page where you should enter your email address and your password and you can make the payment;
    • cash on delivery: you can pay in cash upon delivery of the products. In this case a 3% surcharge will be applied to the total order. The cash on delivery option is excluded for shipments abroad.
    • payment in installments: you can request all the useful information and the estimate by sending an email to info@hm4x4.com

Can I receive an invoice?
The invoice will be transmitted electronically through the Interchange System. The Interchange System will verify that the invoice contains at least the mandatory data for tax purposes, in addition to the telematic address (recipient code or PEC address) to which the customer wishes the invoice to be delivered.
For more information on electronic billing linked to the Revenue Agency website.



How much are the shipping costs?
Shipping costs are calculated automatically by our system. You can view them upon check out at the bottom right, before the order is confirmed.

Can I choose day and / or delivery time?
Unfortunately it is not possible to choose a specific time and day for the delivery of the products.
After the goods have been sent you will receive a notification in your e-mail box and you will be able to view the tracking of the shipment within your Personal Area.

Can I have the courier contact me before delivery?
Unfortunately it is not an available service, although the courier will be provided with your contacts.

Which Express Courier do you use?

UPS (National Shipping)
Website: www.ups.com
Telephone number: 02 30 30 30 39

TNT (International shipping)
Website: www.tnt.it
Telephone number: 199.803.868



How can I send a complaint?
HM4X4 pays maximum attention to the satisfaction of its customers. Complaints are a valuable source of information because they allow us to understand how to improve the service. For this reason, we have put at your disposal a page from which easily send us a complaint. Fill out the relevant form in the Contact Us area, specifying the disruption you have encountered and we will reply as soon as possible.

How can I send a suggestion?
Did you find any errors or malfunctions during browsing? Do you think the navigation logic is not clear? Have you encountered troubles in using our website? Are there any features you'd like to be included in our website or that you think should be done differently? Fill out the relevant form in the Contact Us area and send your report.


How can I propose a collaboration with HM4X4?
By cooperation we mean a sales / distribution contract for HM4X4 products. For the procedure to follow to reach an agreement, write to info@hm4x4.com, taking care to introdusce your company, to indicate the website and the social media.

How can I offer my products to HM4X4?
You can present your company and your products by sending an email to info@hm4x4.com. The administration will take care to examine the proposal and answer you as soon as possible.

I am part of a 4X4 Team, do I have benefits with HM4X4?
HM4X4 cares all the fans and dreamers of the off-road world. To know all the advantageous offers reserved for you, write to sales@hm4x4.com.