modular light bar

modular light bar

Vision X's UNITE modular LED lightbar system allows you to build your own lightbar with endless configuration possibilities.

The lightbar is available in both straight (6"-50" length) and curved (20"-50" length).

Each module features an advanced 4 LED optical design, available in 18 different styles to meet your lighting needs.

The Unite modular lightbar system allows you to choose, configure and build the lightbar you need for your vehicle.

The wiring of the Unite Series LED lightbar systems can be configured in various ways using the different power accessories. As standard, each lightbar (straight and curved) contains enough components to configure the pods using a single circuit (all on or all off). Since the modules can be powered individually, the Unite bar can be configured to operate multiple circuits with the help of additional power accessories. Some examples are the use of amber flood modules on the outside and white spot modules in the centre.