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Unite rails straight

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Unite rails straight

Vision X's UNITE Series Modular LED Lightbar System allows you to choose, configure and build the lightbar you need for your vehicle.

The bar has The quick connect rail system makes it easy for you to slide on, re-arrange, or swap out modules and is secured using stainless steel hardware.

The “H” power connectors slide into watertight rubber fittings on either side of the module to
allow power to be transferred from one module to the next.

The lightbar is available in both straight and curved versions, with different lengths. 

It will be possible to make the choice, through the menu at the top, considering that a precise number of LED modules corresponds to a length that can be inserted. Specifically:
  • length 6" 2 modules
  • length 12" 4 modules
  • length 20" 7 modules
  • length 30" 11 modules
  • length 40" 15 modules
  • length 50" 18 modules
Each Unite bar includes:
  • 1 rail
  • 1/2 power connectors (Deutsch) depending on length
  • 1 Set of end cap wing mounts & hardware
  • 1 wiring harness
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