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Customized shock absorber Competition50 pin/pin

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HM4X4 twin-tube shock absorber for offrad vehicles, completely Made in Italy, customizable in all its parts.

By the drop-down menu, it is possible to select the parameters necessary for the configuration of the customized shock absorber:

  • length, you can choose the desired length from those available for immediate delivery or choose a customized length. For the customized realization, it takes about two weeks, while for the measures ready for delivery we ship within 24h! The full extension size indicated is to be considered without the polyurethane bump-stop, while with the bump-stop in completely pressed condition the maximum extension measurement increases by 1cm.
  • calibration, it is possible to choose a soft calibration suitable for vehicles weighing less than 1000 kg, standard for vehicles from 1000 kg to 1500 kg and reinforced for vehicles weighing more than 1500 kg. If a customized calibration will be chosen, you will be contacted to decide together the perfect calibration your needs;
  • eyelet size, it is possible to choose between 4 different sizes proposed by us; in case you have different needs, we will be glad to make them real;
  • the pin is 10mm M10 threaded, at the end is milled to insert a 7mm wrench to facilitate assembly, on request it can be made according to your needs.

HM4X4 shock absorbers can be recalibrated and readjusted in every part.

In the first year after purchase, recalibration, if requested, is free of charge, in order to adapt the shock absorber to the way you use your off road vehicle.

Each HM4X4 offroad shock absorber is characterised by the following features:

  • double tube in mechanical steel internally lapped, painted with epoxy powders and phosphated to prevent corrosion. The outer tube has a diameter of 50mm and a thickness of 2mm to withstand shocks.In case the body should dent, the shock will keep on work normally;
  • steel rod diam.20mm coated in hard chrome CrVI free with tolerance according to EN ISO 286-2
  • polyurethane bushings very resistant to deformation and wear, are molded with 80 shore thermoplastic polyurethane specific for automotive use, resistant to grease, oil and fuel;
  • polyurethane bushings very resistant to deformation and wear, molded with 80 shore thermoplastic polyurethane, specific for automotive use, resistant to grease, oil and fuel;
  • internal sintered components for maximum control over calibration, free of wear;
  • graphited Teflon sealing band to improve the sliding of the suspension, compared to the cast iron bands, they are much quieter.
  • double polyurethane bump stop to stop the stroke in extension in a controlled way and to avoid to burden the attack points to the frame and bridges;
  • ROTHEN shock absorber oil specifically designed for off-road use, with a high viscosity index which guarantees a regular calibration up to 200° C, indispensable for intense use such as races or raids in the desert;
  • double adjustment of calibration in extension and compression settings, both at high and low speeds, with translation reed valves, preloaded with star springs in compression and helical spring in extension;
  • calibration on 10 speed test bench, from 5 to 500 m/s, to earn the perfect calibration in all conditions.

Our shock absorbers can be eternally readjusted and rebuilt at a cost of Euro 30,00 per shock.

NOTE. Since it is a handmade shock absorber, the measures may vary by a few millimeters according to the thickness of the bushings, the washers, the softness of the internal limit switch or the welds. The measurements enlisted are to be considered +/- 5mm.

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