Ring and pinion

Suzuki Jimny ring and pinion 

For your Suzuki Jimny off-road vehicle, buy on-line, the silent, ring and pinion, made with cementitious heat treatment, with the HM4X4 rating. On the site you will find only high quality Italian in favor of the world of 4X4. Shipments all over the world.

Jimny ring and pinion 

Jimny ring and pinion set transfer traction from the drive shafts to the drive shafts and then to the wheels.

The ring and pinion kit are one of the weakest elements of the kinematic chain and must be reinforced to avoid any possible breakage.

Ring and pinion set also determines the final transmission ratio, the best ratio for your off-road vehicle should be chosen mainly based on the diameter of the tires used.

Ring and pinion ratio indicates the ratio between the number of rotations of the crown with respect to the pinion, for example a bevel gear with a ratio of 4.56 indicates that every 4.56 revolutions of the pinion the crown completes one complete revolution.

Suzuki Jimny ring and pinion set, how to choose the correct ratio

The Suzuki Jimny 1.300cc petrol produced up to 2005 have bevel gears with a 3.909: 1 ratio while those produced since 2005 originally have ring and pinion with a 4.3: 1 ratio except for models with automatic transmissions that use a 4.030: 1 ratio.

On vehicles produced up to 2005 we recommend installing the 4.56 ratio when installing tires of size up to 215/80 and the 4.89 ratio when using larger diameter tires, while on models produced after 2005 we recommend installing the 4.89 ratio. : 1 with tires 215/80 and up.

We also recommend not taking into account the installation of a super-reduced kit when choosing the ring and pinion kit ratio, the minimum reduction made by a t-case gear set on long gears only improves the traction on the road without excessively penalizing the maximum speed.