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Rothen GT2 Evo - additive for gearboxes, transfer case and differentials

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GT2 Evo is the latest generation multifunctional friction modifier additive, for gearboxes, gearboxes and differentials enhanced in anti-friction / anti-wear action.

We recommend the use on all gearboxes and differentials used in off-road, especially when using a gearbox with many years of life, the use of the Rothen Gt2evo makes it much more dilenzioso any reducer also very worn or using super-small, used in Differentials prevents overheating of bevel gears extending their life even when they are used in a very heavy way, has high EP characteristics (Extreme preassure) and is therefore ideal for solving the problems of rough and noisy of gearboxes.

The main benefits that are felt from the first treatment are the following:

Exceptional lubricating power that reduces friction;

Reduces the noise produced by moving mechanical parts;

Reduces consumption significantly;

Lower operating temperatures;

Lengthen maintenance intervals;

Increase power and torque.

How to use: use as an additive to add to the lubricating oil.

Percentage of use: 25%

Available in 1 LT bottles to avoid waste

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