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Rear springs pair Suzuki Jimny 2018

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Kit consisting of a pair of rear spring springs built in Italy with high quality steel, raise the vehicle by 2" compared to the original Suzuki Jimny trim 2018.

These springs are of the progressive type with variable pitch, a variable pitch spring during compression hardens progressively, thus obtaining an extremely soft, comfortable and able to copy the terrain but very stable on the road.

Unlike traditional springs, progressive springs have a variable pitch, ie the distance between the turns is not constant, the stiffness of a spring with the same material and wire diameter is given by the number of turns and their pitch.

For this kit it is possible to choose the type of spring load:

-soft for off-road use with no rear load, maximum off-road performance, excellent stability on the road but if you load the rear suspension it lowers considerably, an incorrect use unnerves it early;
-standard with calibration very similar to the original set-up, excellent off-road performance and very stable on the road, ideal for multi-purpose use of the vehicle.
-reinforced with calibration at the rear more rigid to allow the loading of heavy weights or the towing of trolleys.

A progressive spring makes it possible to use more turns than a traditional spring, making it much softer, the coils with variable pitch during compression harden the spring progressively, thus obtaining an extremely soft, comfortable and capable of copying the ground but very stable on the road.

The main advantages in off road of a progressive spring: 

  • increased capacity to copy the terrain; 
  • increased excursion to parity in length compared to a traditional spring; 
  • very stable in the side passages as schiacciandosi stiffens; 
  • increased absorption of unexpected obstacles, as stiffening gradually slows any obstacle (boulders, roots, etc.) without getting to the buffer. 

The main advantages in the street of a progressive spring: 

  • very stable on fast sections; 
  • very more comfortable than a traditional spring thanks to the high number of turns; 
  • reduces to a minimum body roll when cornering as schiacciandosi stiffens gradually.
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