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Extended brake line kit + 5cm Suzuki Jimny from 2018

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The hoses are entirely Made in Italy, built with PTFE aeronautical braided hose covered with stainless steel braid with a transparent anti-abrasion polyurethane protection specific for off-road vehicles and not in PVC as on braided pipes for cars.

The fittings are made of steel and assembly takes place in accordance with the SAE J 1401 standard.

Included are the steel perforated bolts and the copper washers required for installation.

They are produced in three sizes:

+5cm, ideal for lift up to 5cm but also to replace the original rubber hoses,

 +10cm, ideal for lift from +6 to +10cm but also for trims +5cm high excursion such as step2 or step3,

 +15cm, ideal for settings higher than +10cm but also for structures +8cm high excursion such as step3.

In the drop-down menu you can choose the desired size.

HM4X4 is a manufacturer so it is possible to request tubes also with different sizes from those proposed, custom-made tubes are manufactured and shipped immediately!

The kit consists of:
  • 4 extended brake hoses
  • 2 perforated bolts
  • 4 copper washers.
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