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Rear panhard drop bracket Suzuki Jimny from 2018

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This Rear panhard drop bracket for Suzuki Jimny from 2018 restore the correct geometry of the rear panhard bar when raising the vehicle in order to improve handling and stability on the road.

On trims up to 5cm it restores the correct position of the rear axle, for higher settings it is recommended to install an adjustable panhard bar as well, further raising the repository would result in excessive effort on the original support.

The installation is completely reversible, thanks to the trapezoidal shape that follows the internal profile of the original panhard bar in a millimetric way, it is not necessary to make any changes on the bridge as it happens on other repositories on the market, it is enough to bolt it on the original seat of the bridge and fix it to the existing holes using the stainless steel bolts supplied.

It is made in Italy with C45 steel welded with t.i.g. technology, galvanized and powder-coated with a matt black metallised polyester, inside there is a welded steel bush that makes the system very robust and reliable.

For all Jimny from 2018, it is not compatible with Jimny products from 1999 to 2017.
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