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Lift Kit Suzuki Jimny 2018 +5cm step 1

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This lift kit, entirely made in Italy raises 5cm compared to the original setting of the new Jimny 2018

This kit consists of 4 variable pitch springs and 4 rebuildable and recalibrable shock absorbers. It is the basis for building a high performance suspension by adding other accessories in order to increase the excursion and driving precision, a good entry level kit with a Top quality materials.

The structure is available with specific calibration for every need, if a heavy winch or bumper with a weight exceeding 20kg is installed, springs will be supplied with a suitable load, in the drop-down menus at the top it is possible to configure custom trim.

The shock absorbers included in the kit have a body of 50mm and a stem of 16mm, they have an internal mechanical limit stop in polyurethane resistant up to 5000kg, they can be reviewed and re-calibrated according to your needs.

Should it be necessary to customize the settings to meet particular needs (desert trips, competitions, trolleys, use mainly on snow, etc.) we offer the first free custom calibration within the first year of purchase!

The springs included in the kit are of the progressive variable-pitch type, a variable-pitch spring during compression hardens progressively, thus obtaining an extremely soft, comfortable and able to copy the terrain but very stable on the road.

For this kit it is possible to choose the type of spring load:
  • soft for off-road use with no rear load, maximum off-road performance, excellent stability on the road but if you load the rear suspension it lowers considerably, an incorrect use unnerves it early;
  • standard with calibration very similar to the original set-up, excellent off-road performance and very stable on the road, ideal for multi-purpose use of the vehicle.
  • reinforced with calibration at the rear more rigid to allow the loading of heavy weights or the towing of trolleys.
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