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Lock right locker PowerTrax for Suzuki Samurai and Sj with planetary

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Lock Right Locker - PowerTrax  for Suzuki Samurai and Sj complete with planetary.

It's a fully automatic differential lock that does not require manual operations, it has no switches or pneumatic controls of any kind.
It is based on a simple mechanism that allows disengagement when the vehicle turns or requires the intervention of the differential.

This type of lock eliminates the defects of the self-locking differentials since even when stationary and with a wheel in traction air, unlike the self-locking ones and still allows the differential action in curves on hard ground also allowing road use or tight maneuvers in trial contests.

Perfect for those who use the medium in competitions thanks to the unquestioned reliability even with heavy use and being automatic is also ideal for beginners.

This type of block, produced by the famous American company POWERTRAX of which HM4X4 is authorized dealer, completely replaces the internal mechanism of the original differential and therefore guarantees perfect operation in all conditions, also all the spare parts are always available at our warehouse.

It is easily installed inside the original differential without using special instruments.
Although it can also be installed on the front deck, we recommend installing it only on the rear deck, this block is mounted both on our Suzuki Samurai and on the Jimny and is therefore the one that we most recommend for any use of the vehicle.

It can be installed on all the suzuki Samurai and Sj differentials of any year with a 1300cc or diesel engine.
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