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Rear full floating axle kit for Suzuki Samurai and SJ

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This system will only drive shafts driven, installed on all Suzuki Samurai and SJ, leaving the axle the sole task of transmitting traction as the weight of the vehicle and then all the forces to which the wheels are unloaded on the hubs are subject, under the same diameter and material driveshaft only the cords and much more resistant driveshaft with a standard system. 

The diameter of the shaft is increased to maximum size that can bridge to stay without turning the hub, the connecting point with spline is tapered and reinforced to prevent the creation of a breaking point, the particular alloy TPR1 with which they are constructed makes them suitable for very heavy use. 

They are manufactured in Italy with TPR1 type steel heat treatment induction on splines which makes it extremely resistant to shrinking onto preserving qualities of the torsion of the axle body. 

The kit is equipped with flanges for installing the rear axle front hubs of the Suzuki Samurai, very durable and easy availability. 

Can install it with any type of rear differential, whether original or with ARB locking differential, Locking or Spool. 

Installing the front hubs samurai can install the disc brakes and widens the track width of 25mm per side, also the possible replacement of an axle shaft becomes very simple as it is sufficient to disassemble the hub also with the wheel mounted to extract the axle shaft. 

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