Snorkel off-road

Snorkel off-road Nissan Patrol Gr

Snorkel off-road for Nissan Patrol GR. Think what it would be like going underwater without being prepared to do it, you would need after a few seconds of ossiggeno, not to drown. This is what happens to the engine of your off-road vehicle when you cross rivers and you only have simple air filters. The filters serve to ensure a clean air flow that allows combustion in the engine, which in turn turns into energy for transmission. Now in off-road paths happens to be in the middle of muddy ford, rivers and still among clouds of sand if you are in the desert, and simple filters may not be enough to ensure the above mentioned function, Therefore it is advisable, if not necessary, to mount snorkels off the road. Enter our online shop and choose to improve the performance of your 4X4.