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Donaldson Topspin HD head cyclone

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Donaldson's TopSpin HD may be the last prefilter you'll need to buy. Its all-metal construction, high-efficiency design and low restriction will expel the heaviest dust particles and keep running smoothly for a long time. And above all there is no tray to empty. Just install a TopSpin HD pre-filter and forget about it.

Choose from the drop-down menu the snorkel diameter and air flow capacity in m3/m.

KIT: includes stainless steel clamp

MATERIAL: stainless steel and aluminum

BOWL: automatic emptying

PREFILTER: by centrifugal force

DESIGN: internal inertia turbine

EFFECTIVENESS: 99% impurity (ISO 5011/SAE J726)

MAX AIRFLOW:   8m3/m -  11m3/m


WARRANTY: 5 years

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