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Donaldson original head cyclone

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The cyclonic prefilters of the world leader in air filtration Donaldson are the best product in terms of performance and quality that exists today in the market. If you are looking for an effective and resistant prefilter for demanding uses, this is undoubtedly the best option.

Manufactured in the United States and Germany in premium reinforced plastic and steel, Donaldson cyclonic prefilters come in two product lines differentiated by their filtration system that will vary according to uses and purposes presented in two formats: the Cyclone Standard and the TopSpin.

Donaldson prefilters under the Bravo Snorkel seal enjoy a 5-year warranty for both occasional and intensive offroad use and for any type of defect.

Choose from the drop-down menu the snorkel diameter and air flow capacity in m3/m.

KIT: includes stainless clamp

MATERIAL: Reinforced plastic and steel

CONTAINER: Removable for emptying

PREFILTERED: By centrifugal force

EFFECTIVENESS: 75% impurities

MAX AIRFLOW:  5m3/m - 9m3/m


WARRANTY: 5 years

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