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Off road front bumper gasoline Jimny

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This bumper entirely built in Italy is made of galvanized C45 steel and painted with epoxy powders specially designed for outdoor use in the matt black color, the painting and the finishes are particularly accurate.

It includes the double-drilled winch holder plate to accommodate winches from 6500 to 12500 with 16cm deep base of the most common brands in Italy, on the upper part there is an opening to operate on the winch in case of emergency.

In the top right drop-down menu, indicate if you already have a body lift in your vehicle and what its size is.

Important: the bumper we propose is designed for the body lift, but the latter is not included in the article.

The item is always in stock, but it is painted only after it has been ordered, so the shipment will be made after about 10 working days, time necessary for the aforementioned processing.

The bumper is made of 4 mm thick steel and is the only one entirely galvanized to protect it from external agents, it is made from a 4mm steel plate, the numerous folds give a considerable strength with a low weight, the shaped cantonals allow installation of large tires.

This model is shaped to match perfectly with the bodywork, for the installation must remove the original bumper supports.
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