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Pair of rear springs Suzuki Jimny from 2018 standard height

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Pair of standard height rear springs for Suzuki Jimny from 2018.

The springs proposed have the same height as the original set-up, but with the particularity of being progressive with variable pitch.

The progressive spring unlike the traditional ones has a variable pitch, i.e. the distance between the turns is not constant, this allows you to better manage the stiffness of the spring itself, which for the same material and diameter of the wire is given by the number of turns and from their step.

Also a progressive spring allows to use more turns than a traditional spring resulting much softer. The coils with variable pitch during compression harden the spring progressively obtaining an extremely soft, comfortable and capable of copying the terrain off-road, without sacrificing stability on the road.

The main off road advantages of a progressive spring:

  • greater ability to copy the soil;
  • greater excursion for the same length compared to a traditional spring;
  • very stable in the lateral passages as it squeezes and stiffens;
  • greater absorption of sudden obstacles, as stiffening progressively slows down any obstacle (boulders, roots, etc.) without reaching a buffer.

The main road advantages of a progressive spring:

  • very stable on fast sections;
  • much more comfortable than a traditional spring thanks to the high number of turns;
  • it reduces rolling in the corners to a minimum, as crushing it gradually stiffens.

The springs are available with specific calibration for every need, if a winch or a heavy-duty bumper with a weight greater than 20 kg is installed, springs with suitable load will be provided, in the drop-down menu at the top you can make your choice.

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