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Suzuki Jimny from 2018 hidden winch mount plate with winch

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Hidden winch mount plate installable on Suzuki Jimny from 2018.

This kit consists of a hidden winch mount plate, made of galvanized C45 steel, and a 4500lb Highlander winch. The Highlander 4.500LB winch is equipped with a wire remote control and a wireless remote control.

The construction of this winch is particularly accurate, below are the main features:
  • the 1.9HP engine allows a speed of 9.5m/minute with an absorption of only 27Ah, the maximum absorption thanks to the technology used is only 176A with a load of 2041kg easily manageable with an original car battery, the engine is 12V powered.
  • automatic brake external to the drum which avoids overheating even if very stressed, unlike the economic winches the drum is connected to the brake with a keyed shaft in order to have maximum precision and prevent the vehicle from sliding back when hanging from the cable without giving engine power supply;
  • the central axis with double ball bearing of high quality guarantees durability without maintenance, the absence of vibrations and an exceptional silent running certified at 59 db allow installation even inside the passenger compartment;
  • the activation of the motor contrary to the economic winches takes place by means of a high quality 200A DC contactor completely sealed with IP67 protection and not with the classic solenoids in order to guarantee efficiency in all conditions;
  • all the gears of the three-stage planetary gearbox are made of chromium-molybdenum nickel steel and cemented to guarantee maximum resistance and are of the straight-tooth type to guarantee maximum resistance even with overload use;
  • the clutch is controlled by a simple rotary control, supplied with wireless control and wire control;
  • dimensions 340 mm x 120 mm x 120 mm;
  • weight: 11 kg;
  • accompanied by 15m of 7mm Dyneema cable of European manufacture.
The kit includes all the necessary hardware for installation.

From the drop-down menu choose if you want to buy the plate without the predisposition to the body lift, or with the predisposition to a body lify of 50mm.
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