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Front HD drive shaft Toyota KZJ70 2 double joint

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HD front drive shaft for Toyota KZJ70 with 2 double joints, produced in Italy by a specialized company.

The closed shaft has the same length as the original trees but has the ability to stretch up to 5 cm more than the original, which makes it ideal for structures over + 10cm.

This type of drive shaft is balanced at 2800 rpm and is built using high quality joints and spiders.

IMPORTANT. the photo is illustrative only.

This particular shaft, designed to eliminate any vibration and any danger of breakage, is built by making the following improvements to the standard shafts:
  • sliding joint with grease nipple, with larger diameter than the original;
  • flanges, elongation capacity up to 10 cm, ideal for raised structures, avoids the insertion of extensions, eliminating any form of vibration;
  • DANA SPICER oversize u-joints of standardized dimensions, which can therefore be purchased from every spare part dealer, equipped with grease nipple, with a working angle of 10° higher than the original;
  • high quality forged flanges that allow an inclination of the crosspieces up to 35° allowing their use even with raised structures;
  • tube with increased diameter, 60mm against the 50mm of the original, carefully balanced to avoid any form of vibration;
  • sliding up to 10 cm with protective metal fitting TREATED WITH RILSAN with protective o-ring, it allows to have a slide protection from damage caused by stones, sand and the like and protects the slide from dirt.
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