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Reinforced rear V bar Suzuki Vitara

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This reinforced rear V-bar replaces without any modification the original Suzuki Vitara one, it is realised in C45, galvanized and painted with polyester powders, particularly resistant to bad weather conditions.

It has a 30mm adjustment that allows you to set the working angle of the transmission shaft; the installation can take place both in the original position and if the rear axle is backward, with consequent improvement in stability - thanks to the longer wheelbase - and in the exit angle.

It is complete with polyurethane bushings on the attack to the chassis, while the axle connection head has been replaced by an adjustable JOHNNY JOINT spherical joint, made by HM4X4.

The Johnny Joint is adjustable so as to eliminate the slack that can occur over time with wear, making it extremely long-lasting.

The Johnny Joint, compared to a classic silent block, allows a greater torsion of the suspension, increasing its mobility especially on high excursion.

In fact, it is a joint with much more linear movements than a classic silentblock, because it always rotates around a fixed point with an improvement also on road stability.

For the construction of the Johnny Joint, C45 steel is used and the sliding is guaranteed by two non-molded shells, with a high-quality semi-crystalline polymer, high mechanical strength and very low friction coefficient.

The use of these materials makes it practically wear-free even in extreme use and allows precise movements and excellent absorption of vibrations.

Our Johnny Joint system was developed and tested during the Italian XTC championship with excellent results.

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