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HD ring and pinion Suzuki Samurai 4.57

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Suzuki Samurai ring and pinion

Reinforced Suzuki Samurai ring and pinion for Suzuki Samurai or Sj front or rear differential.

They can be installed on all Suzuki samurai or Sj models with 1.300cc diesel or petrol engine, they can also be installed on Suzuki Sj410 which originally mount the same 6.9"axles also installed on 1.300cc models they are made of SAE8620 steel with Gleason process, heat hardened with HRC 59-62 heat treatment to resist wear, lapped and surface treated with black oxidation to make them extremely silent.

The high construction precision makes the adjustment particularly simple, it is however recommended to have the installation carried out by a specialized workshop. In the Download section you will find the assembly instructions.

Lapping in jargon is the running-in and means that each crown is run-in together with its pinion for a few minutes to avoid possible damage during the first hours of operation which are the most critical for a bevel gear and black oxidation is the final treatment that it makes the pieces black and protects them from corrosion as well as making them more visually beautiful.

The 4.57 ratio is recommended for those who use oversized tires up to 31" in diameter, the choice of the right ratio must also be made based on the use made of the vehicle, the recommended ratios are those indicated to bring the final reduction ratio to values ​​very similar to the original so as not to stress the other transmission parts, if you use the Suzuki Samurai in a demanding off road we recommend choosing a more reduced ratio of 5,38.

Contact us for personalized advice on your choice.

Specifications for ratios 4.57:

  • pinion teeth:7
  • pinion slots: 26
  • crown teeth: 32

To choose the right ratio, consult this guide: HOW TO CHOOSE THE SUZUKI GEAR RATIO or contact us for a personalized advice.

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