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Heavy Duty rear propeller shaft for Samurai and Sj

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Heavy Duty transmission shaft produced in Italy by a specialized company, exclusively for HM4X4.

When ordering, select the desired size; usually 4x8 mm for all models and 4x10 mm for Canadian model, it is advisable to check before proceeding to order.
Item normally ready for delivery.

This particular shaft, designed to eliminate any vibration and any danger of breakage, is built by making the following improvements to the standard shafts:
  • oversized and standardized u-joints, which can therefore be purchased from every spare part dealer, equipped with grease nipple, with a working angle of 10° higher than the original;
  • sliding joint with grease nipple, with increased diameter and length, 35mm diameter against the 27mm of the original, 10cm length against the 4cm of the original, this allows a greater extraction, ideal for raised structures, avoids the insertion of extensions eliminating every form of vibration;
  • tube with increased diameter, 60mm against the 50mm of the original, carefully balanced to avoid any form of vibration;
  • sliding with metal protection cover with protection o-ring, it allows to have a slide protection from damages caused by stones, sand and the like and protects the slide from dirt.

Assembly: easy
Black colour
Other necessary changes: none.

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