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Suzuki Samurai and SJ leaf springs johnny joints

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This pair of johnny joint completely rebuildable are made and designed specifically for the suspension of the Samurai and SJ. 

The joint johnny is free to rotate around its axis enabling maximum travel of the strut but limited in lateral rotation to not affect the established on the road. 

For the construction of johnny joint C45 steel is used and the sliding is guaranteed by two shells unprinted made from solid with a semi crystalline polymer of high quality, with high mechanical strength and very low friction coefficient, the use of these materials makes it virtually wear free even with extreme uses and allows precise movements and an excellent vibration absorption, being self-lubricating maintenance free, are still present in the grease fitting for allow for better lubrication. 

The installation of johnny joint on struts is very simple, we need only do two small threaded holes to screw the nipple and the safety grain present in the kit.
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