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Transfer case Suzuki Samurai on Jimny

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Suzuki Samurai t-case completely overhauled complete with support and accessories for mounting on Suzuki Jimny.

The support wraps the reducer and the cage fixing it in 15 points (originally they are only 8) avoiding the torsion also under stress.

The installation of a Samurai reducer is necessary first of all in order to install a wide range of super-smalls with the most suitable ratio for use, but also to replace the original Jimny reducer which is much more delicate and not suitable for heavy use.

To complete the change you will have to buy a Samurai or SJ central shaft easily found used or modify yours if it is a petrol model with push button or diesel.

The only adjustments that must be made on the vehicle are the shaping of the gearbox lever and the drilling of the front drive shaft, very simple operations that will be explained in the instructions enclosed with the kit.

The proposed reducer is derived from a gearbox used and fully functional, the gearbox is completely disassembled, washed, pickled internally and sand externally first with corundum in order to eliminate all traces of dirt and evident cracks and if perfectly intact is subsequently sandblasted with microspheres of glass and washed to remove every trace of sand.

All bearings, roller cages, shims, seals, center pin, seals and all lever components are replaced with original parts regardless of the state of wear.

Shaft, selectors, flanges and anything else that can be found in not perfect conditions will be replaced with the original spare part.

The breather plug is replaced with an Ergal hose connector or, on request, with a connection provided for the rilsan pipe.

All the caps are replaced and all the hardware used is in stainless steel.

Supplied with the specific oil Rothen added with GTevo2 to ensure the lowest friction possible.

If your vehicle uses a gearbox with drum brake it will be delivered without the rear flange so that you can reuse your drum brake.

The gearbox can be delivered with the original gears of the Samurai 1.300cc or the Sj410 1.000cc which reduce by 12% both the long gears and the reduced, on the top right of the page you will find the drop-down menu to make the choice.

All components are covered by a 2-year warranty, we can also evaluate the exchange or review of your gearbox.

It is made of welded, galvanized and epoxy powder coated C45 steel, it can be installed easily and without modifications with the supplied stainless steel bolts and also includes the electronic sensor support and the phonic wheel machined from solid to install the original odometer Suzuki Jimny of any model.

The kit also includes the following accessories:
  • spacer for the central transmission shaft;
  • multi-hole flange to install the Jimny's rear shaft on the Samurai reducer;
  • anti-breaking supports in polyurethane and stainless steel.
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