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Lift kit Suzuki Jimny 2018 +4cm access

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This raising kit for Suzuki Jimny is ideal for those who need to fit higher tires with a reduced budget.

The kit consists of:

- a pair of 40mm front springs in anticorodal aluminum machined from billet

- a pair of 40mm rear springs in anticorodal aluminum obtained from solid

- a pair of front shock absorbers complete with polyurethane bushings

- a pair of rear shock absorber repositories with stainless steel bolts.

The spring shims are made entirely of anticorodal aluminum, which makes them free from wear and rust. The wraparound shape that follows the spiral allows the spring to adapt perfectly to the thickness, the interior is suitably shaped so as to perfectly match the off-road frame in order to avoid movements, vibrations and noises.

The front shock absorber extensions are machined from solid and are installed on the original shock absorbers without making any changes, the specific internal profile for the new Jimny 2018 allows you to safely secure the reinforcement bushing and the original washer to the shock absorber avoiding noise and vibrations! They come complete with new polyurethane bushings as the original bushings cannot be used with extensions.

The rear shock absorber repositories allow you to raise the 40mm shock absorber attachment and in addition to creating an additional joint point, they move the shock absorber away from the bridge and from the spring in order to avoid interference between the spring and the shock absorber, they are welded to the TIG for have the maximum resistance since all the stresses of the shock absorber are transferred through the repository.

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