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Rear differential guard Suzuki Jimny from 2018

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This protection shell can be easily installed by welding it to the rear differential which is notoriously very fragile and very exposed off-road on all the Jimny from 2018.

Made of high-thickness C45 steel and powder-coated in matt black with polyester powder with a galvanizing effect, it is not galvanized to allow perfect welding.

The use of steel, the particular wraparound design and the presence of many ribs make it very resistant to impact, even in the most extreme off-road. The careful design does not allow the accumulation of mud residuals between differential and protection, which often happens with the use of differential protections.

The profile fits perfectly with the original differentials facilitating the welding on the contact points, to weld them it is not necessary to empty the oil of the differentials.
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