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Front panhard repositioner Suzuki Jimny from 2018 with right hand drive

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This panhard repositioner, for Suzuki Jimny from 2018 with right-hand drive, in force in countries such as England, Malta, Japan, India, serves to restore the correct geometry of the front panhard bar when the vehicle is raised in order to improve driveability and stability on the road.

On frames up to 5cm restores the correct position of the front axle, for higher settings it is recommended to install also an adjustable panhard bar.

This repositioner has the highest possible height, a higher height would result in irreversible changes on the deck or the installation of very thick end-of-stroke pads that would unnecessarily reduce trim compression as it would collide with the bar support stabilizer system, stabilizer.

The installation is completely reversible, thanks to the dimensions studied meticulously you do not have to make any changes on the support of the stabilizer bar or on the shock absorber support, just bolt it to the frame above the original support by means of the counter plate and the stainless steel hardware supplied.

It is built in Italy with C45 steel, galvanized and painted with epoxy powder matt black metallic, the fixing structure is made of steel 8mm thick to ensure maximum stiffness.

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