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Downpipe defap with 200 cell catalytic converter Jeep Wrangler JL

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Jeep Wrangler Downpipe

Downpipe eliminates OPF with 200 cell catalytic converter for Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon 2.2 CC Diesel.

Made of AISI 304 steel and TIG welded in order to ensure maximum tightness and strength.

The use of tubes with reduced thicknesses, generally 1.2 mm, make it remarkably light and resistant to stress as well as extremely high in performance.

The flanges are produced by numerical control/laser cutting machinery, with absolute precision drilling to ensure perfect assembly and guarantee optimum resistance to the high temperatures to which they are subjected.

The product is plug&play and is compatible with the originals to ensure perfect engine operation. Totally Made in Italy.

Replacing the DPF with a DOWNPIPE 200 cells has undisputed advantages, the engine will perform better, you will give your jeep a sportier sound and you will get rid of the necessary and expensive addition of Adblue to the engine oil.

Main features:

  • entirely handcrafted product
  • eliminates FAP
  • 200 cells metallic catalytic converter
  • material: AISI304
  • welding: TIG
  • tube diameter: Ø63.5
  • simple assembly
  • reduced weight compared to the original version
  • plug&play and compatibility with the standard system.

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