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Jeep Wrangler ball joint set

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Jeep ball joints

Reinforced and greasable ball-joint heads set for Jeep Wrangler JK, entirely Made in Italy, for Dana 30 and Dana 40.

Designed to replace the original steering heads subject to premature wear on both standard vehicles and on vehicles with larger tires.

Manufactured with chromium molybdenum steel, the central pin and the internal shells have been treated with a "gas nitriding" process with a 72 hour bath to increase the surface hardness and consequently the duration.

Inside, the assembly takes place with a threaded ring nut and edge rolling.

The grease gun for the lower head is located in the most comfortable lower part, the grease is distributed thanks to a hole and a milling on the spherical part.

All parts subject to heavy loads are checked with penetrating liquids to ensure their integrity.

Replaced the flat edge spring with round spring so that it cannot "cut the cap".

The set includes: 2 upper and 2 lower ball joints (left and right).

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