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Jeep Wrangler Tj Rear differential carrier Dana 44 loaded trac lok

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Rear differential carrier Dana 44 loaded trac lok for Jeep Wrangler Tj.

The trac-lok limited slip is a device capable of transmitting a portion of the drive torque even when one of the two wheels of the same axle slips, always guaranteeing traction. The most obvious advantage is in cornering, both in terms of traction and trajectories. The device also facilitates stationary starts, since if the wheels begin to skid, the self-locking differential guarantees traction in any case as long as there is grip available. This advantage is best exploited on front-wheel drive cars.


  • brand Spicer
  • axle model DANA 44
  • vehicle location rear
  • axle cover bolt hole quantity 10
  • axle spline count 30
  • differential case split 4.10 and down
  • differential type trac-lok
  • carrier bearing included yes
  • ring gear bolt hole qty 10
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