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Power X-LINE Stage2 Front brake kit for Jeep Wrangler JK

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X-Line 4x4 Big Brake kit Jeep Jk

Powerbrake X-LINE Stage2 front brake kit for Jeep Wrangler JK.

The kit is available with both red and anthracite gray anodized calipers, in the menu at the top right you can make your choice.

The upgrade of the braking system is also necessary in non-competitive use when using oversized tires or using the vehicle in heavy use such as desert raids.

This kit has been designed and built by transferring into it all the technology used for the FIA ​​Cross Country World Championship winning off-road racing brake systems and the infamous Dakar Rally, proving to be the best choice in racing conditions ranging from the scorching deserts of the South America, the Middle East and Africa to the snowy forests of northern Russia, to the fast gravel tracks of Mongolia.

Compared to the Stage1 kit this Stage2 kit is equipped with semi-float brake discs.

The semi-float system allows the disc friction ring (the part that touches the pads) to expand and contract radially without any restrictions as it heats and cools. This significantly reduces stresses within both the disc friction ring and disc hat (the part attached to the wheel) and reduces the possibility of disc distortion and breakage, while ensuring a very precise brake pedal feel.

The disc friction ring is cast a high carbon cast iron alloy which offers excellent durability and stability under the high thermal loads experienced on fast road or off road. It features 72 curved and directional cooling fins resulting in significantly cooling improved. The crack pattern chosen also provides a good balance between functional aspects such as efficient removal of sand, mud and water and practical aspects such as low noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) under braking.

The disc hat is machined from solid high quality aluminum alloy which makes the finished piece extremely resistant. It undergoes FEA thermal and strength analysis to confirm strength and stiffness under load. It is finished with a dark gray hard anodized for maximum durability.

A specific kit is created for each off-road model so that both the caliper and disc dimensions and the braking power are proportionate, each kit integrates perfectly with ABS, EBD and other vehicle stability control systems.

Once installed the PowerBrake brake kit will greatly improve both the braking power and the modulation of the pedal.

Both the calipers and the discs are equipped with an MTR maximum temperature recording system which provides a permanent record of the maximum operating temperature reached. In calipers, this function provides, for example, very useful data to support the choice of brake fluid, while in discs this information is extremely valuable for choosing the compound of the pads.

The kit includes:
  • billet off-road calipers from high quality aerospace aluminum, featuring stainless steel pistons, internal fluid crossover, protected bleed screws, ultra high temperature pressure seals, all stainless steel hardware, maximum temperature recording system MTR;
  • high performance brake pads, preloaded in the calipers, equipped with OE quality anti-squeak shims;
  • large semi-float discs 345-395x34mm with 72 blades The semi-floating disc drive system allows for expansion and contraction of the radial disc;
  • billet caliper mounting brackets in aircraft grade aluminum alloy, enhanced for strength and stiffness, with stainless steel threaded inserts for radial mounting bolts for maximum durability;
  • Aircraft brake hoses with extruded Teflon liner which is highly resistant to the harsh chemical properties of modern brake fluids, as well as being able to handle much higher temperatures than rubber. Teflon is covered with 32 strands of tightly woven stainless steel braid that acts as the "muscle" of the tube, providing incredible resistance to expansion under pressure. The braid is covered with a polymer outer layer that prevents dirt from penetrating . The hose end fittings are all machined from grade 304 stainless steel as opposed to the plated mild steel fittings used in commerce. The resulting hoses offer the best possible pedal feel;
  • all necessary mounting hardware;
  • complete instructions.
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