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Front differential lock Jeep Cherokee XJ

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This front differential lock is meant to be installed on the Jeep Cherokee XJ Dana 30

From the drop-down menu you can choose the splines of the axle shaft and the final ratio to the axle.

The original differential that equips the dana 30 uses half shafts with 27 spline, you can upgrade BIGSPLINE by installing a differential with 30 spline and the related reinforced axle shafts that you find here.
The kit includes the differential lock, air fittings, solenoid valve and buttons for the electric operation of the block.

The great advantage of this system is represented by the fact that the vehicle circulates with the free differential in road traffic, thus avoiding premature wear of the wheels or the risk of a sudden engagement of the block.

Off-road, when the situation requires it, the lock can be activated, 100% effective, in a tenth of a second simply by pressing a button, activation and deactivation with the vehicle stopped.

This ARB block is to be purchased in combination with a compressor capable of operating the block.

Contact us for any doubts about the model of the diff lock to be purchased.


How the ARB Air Locker works: the compressor (not included) releases the pressure necessary to lock the differential and is usually installed in a suitable position inside the engine compartment.

The compressor is switched on automatically and is used to keep the pressure necessary to engage the differential lock constant.

The switches, which can be fixed on the dashboard, allow the locking to be activated and deactivated.

The insertion can also take place with the vehicle running thanks to the type of annular piston applied to the differential but a reduced speed is recommended.

When the device is deactivated, the compressed air comes out of the solenoid valve and small springs open the safety ring, thus freeing the differential.

The assembly does not present major difficulties as it works on the original axles by replacing only the differential housing
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