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ALU-CAB GEN 3-R rooftop tent

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GEN 3-R BLACK rooftop tent by ALU-CAB.

Rooftop tents are the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy nature without having to worry about insects, rain or other weather conditions. They can be set up quickly and offer shelter from all kinds of weather. The advantages of the GEN 3-R are:

  • gas strut-assisted design that takes seconds to open and close
  • three-point entry/exit arrangement so you don't have to plan camping around the tent
  • more aerodynamic shape
  • ability to close the tent with bedding inside
  • hard-shell designs that generally last longer than soft-shell equivalents, are easier to clean and much more resistant to rain, snow and wind.

Three key features of GEN 3-R:

Buying a roof tent is not unlike buying a bed for the home, where comfort is paramount; that's why it comes with a generous 75 mm high-density foam mattress. There is also a reading light, USB charging ports (for your cell phone), a 12-volt power outlet, and a number of pockets for storing keys, books, and even shoes.

Thanks to the sturdy aluminum frame, Alu-Cab cargo bars can be mounted. This makes it possible to carry large bulky items on top of the tent. Whether it's a solar panel, camping table, kayak, mountain bike, or roof rack.

The tent provides the best possible insulation against the scorching heat of Africa and the sub-zero temperatures of Europe and North America. To achieve this, the roof structure and base of the Gen 3-R are generously insulated with a closed-cell foam cover that provides excellent comfort and insulation year-round. There is also included a tent cover on the rear tent door, which helps keep rain, snow and frost out of the rear opening.

  • outer length 2300mm/inner 2100mm
  • outside width 1400mm/inside 1300mm
  • height (outside, closed): front 210mm/rear 280mm
  • height (outside, open): 2000mm
  • height (inside, open): 1000mm
  • Weight: approximately 76kg
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