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4" threaded body bump stop sets

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4.0” threaded body bump stop sets.

Whether you are hitting the trail, or ripping through the desert, this bump stops will allow you to get the most out of your vehicles suspension by eliminating harsh bottom outs.

They help prevent damage from occurring to expensive shocks and suspension components by absorbing impacts at full suspension compression. They can be tuned by varying the amount of nitrogen charge through the Schrader valve on top.

Whether you are an experienced overlander, rock crawler, or desert racer, this product is sure to improve your overall off road experience. 

Note: bump stops are pre-charged to approximately 200 psi, which is a good starting point for most applications. To fine tune the bump stop you will need to release pressure through the Schrader valve or add pressure via a nitrogen fill kit not included.

Extended and collapsed lengths 4” stroke:

  • 13-1/4” extended
  • 9-1/4” collapsed


  • fully rebuildable
  • zinc-plated steel body
  • hard-chromed and polished shaft
  • ships pre-charged to 200psi this is a great starting point for tuning your suspension
  • tunable by adjusting the nitrogen pressure and or oil volume
  • Viton seals and O-rings
  • a threaded body with anodized aluminum locking rings allows quick & easy adjustment
  • the o-Ring on the shaft indicates the amount of travel
  • delrin contact pad for smooth & quiet operation
  • 4 thick ASTM A36 steel weld-on universal mounting brackets
  • schrader valve with cap for quick & easy pressure adjustment
  • spanner wrench included.

Caution: charge only with Nitrogen gas. The use of compressed air or any other gas will cause damage to the internal components and void the warranty.

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