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T-case protection plate and reinforced t-case brackets Suzuki Jimny

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The kit that we propose is composed of the protection plate and the reinforced brackets for the Suzuki Jimny transfer case, up to 2017.

The protection plate is complete with bolts and anti-breakage supports in polyurethane and stainless steel. Designed to have maximum rigidity and maximum coverage with the lowest possible weight. It is made of C45 steel, galvanized to protect it from corrosion and powder coated in matt black metallic.

The use of steel and the particular, very light enveloping design, makes it heavier by only about one kilogram compared to an aluminum product, but the double resistant to shocks and rubbing, the epoxy powder painting in matt black metallized makes it aesthetically pleasing even on original cars.

All the fixing bolts are coupled to ergal bushings which avoid the deformation of the plate even if the machine rests with all its weight on the protection, the edges rest directly on the frame in order to discharge any impact or stress without create any damage or deformation.

It can be mounted without making any changes to your off-road vehicle, using only the already existing holes.

The proposed reinforced brackets replace those of the Jimny reducer originally very fragile and delicate. Also produced with C45 steel, they are made by laser cutting, bent with numerically controlled bending machines to ensure correct shaping and welded with T.I.G. They are then galvanized and painted with epoxy powders.
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