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Lift kit Suzuki Vitara +2" step3

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This lift kit for Suzuki Vitara is designed for those who need a set-up with a high off-road mobility and do not want to give up on the road.

The set-up is available with specific calibration for gasoline or diesel engine, if a winch or heavy-duty bumper with a weight of more than 20kg is installed, springs with a suitable load will be provided, in the drop down menus at the top you can the personalized configuration of the structure.

The springs included in the kit are of progressive type with variable pitch.
A spring with variable pitch during compression progressively hardens to obtain an extremely soft, comfortable and able to copy the ground but very stable on the road.

The shock absorbers are entirely designed and built in Italy by a leading company in the sector, in addition to being painted with epoxy powders are previously phosphated to prevent corrosion, so they are not affected by weathering and do not peel. They have a body of 50mm and stem 16mm, they are bitubo type with internal return stop on rubber resistant up to 5000kg, can be reviewed and recalibrated according to your needs.
The shock absorbers provide for correction of the camber, the hubs are inclined by 1.75° so as to bring the camber angle to the correct value for a rise of 5cm.

The  front differential drop kit is made of C45 steel welded with T.i.g. technology. with polyurethane bushings, the brackets are completely galvanized and painted with polyester powder with anti-scratch finish.

The brake hose kit is aeronautical type with teflon core, with braiding and stainless steel fittings machined from solid and transparent protection sheath.

The rear punches are reinforced, and are the only ones to be galvanized and painted with epoxy powders. The bushing on the frame has been replaced by a completely revisable jonny joint spherical joint. The Jonny Joint is made of C45 steel and sliding is guaranteed by two unprinted shells made from solid with a high quality semi-crystalline polymer, with high mechanical strength and very low friction coefficient, the use of these materials it makes it practically free of wear even with extreme uses and allowing precise movements and an excellent absorption of vibrations.

The spring clamps is made in Italy with C40 steel complete with stainless steel nuts and bolts.

The drive shaft spacer is made in Italy, and is made with double drilling to be compatible with all the Suzuki Vitara Spaniards, Japanese and Canadians of any year, both with trees with 4x10mm holes, and with 4x8mm holes.

The reinforced rear triangle is made of C45, galvanized and painted with epoxy powders. It has an adjustment of 30mm that allows you to adjust the working angle of the transmission shaft and the installation is in the original position that the rear axle retraction resulting in improved stability thanks to the extended wheelbase and an obvious improvement of the exit angle. It is complete with polyurethane bushings on the attachment to the frame while the bridge connecting head has been replaced by a completely revisable jonny joint spherical joint.

The lift kit consists of the following accessories:
  • 4 variable pitch kit made in Italy;
  • pair of reinforced front shock absorbers;
  • pair of Æternus competition50 shock absorbers, made in Italy, which can be reviewed and recalibrated;
  • front differential drop kit;
  • braided aeronautical brake hose kit with carbon finish;
  • couple rear punches with jonny joint;
  • pair of spring clamps;
  • a drive shaft spacer;
  • a spacer for the front axle shaft;
  • a pair of front trailing arm;
  • reinforced and adjustable rear triangle with jonny joint;
  • rear bump stop pair + 30mm.
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