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Suzuki Vitara diff breather kit

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Differential breather kit for Suzuki Vitara.

This kit allows you to move the diff breathers located on the differential inside the engine compartment. The stock vents are not watertight so every time you cross fords, you run the risk of water entering the differential, compromising it. With this modification, you will eliminate this possibility and you can go off-roading in peace.

The diff breather are conveyed to a three-way fitting equipped with a sponge filter.

For the extension, steel fittings and aeronautical braided hoses are used, resistant to abrasion and tearing, the hoses are fixed to the by means of a drilled bolt screwed to the differentials simply by removing the original breather and threading the inside with the special tool supplied .

The color of the filter may vary according to stock availability.

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