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Suzuki Samurai and Sj soft top

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This removable soft top is designed to be installed without modification on all Suzuki Samurai and Sj cabrios.

The hood can be completely dismantled and can even be partially installed so as to leave the sides or the rear open to better enjoy your excursions in the outdoors and adapt the vehicle to the season or type of use.

It consists of the top, the side windows and the rear, all transparent parts obscured.

The fabric used for this soft top is completely waterproof, covered in vinyl with anti-UV treatment to resist fading and the tension to which the fabric is subjected once mounted, even the thread used for stitching is waxed to prevent infiltration and formation of molds and fungi.

The double seams are reinforced and heat-sealed and all the hinges are self-cleaning for greater fluidity and greater durability, all the joints in addition to the zipper have a further velcro closure to eliminate drafts, increase internal comfort and preserve the hinges from dirt in off-road routes.

It is a top of the range product made in USA, very versatile and usable in all seasons.
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