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Rear roll-bar for Suzuki Samurai and SJ

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Fe35.2 steel roll bar to be bolted.

It can be completely disassembled to facilitate the installation, it includes only the rear part with the predisposition for the connection to the front part.

The junctions are made with the sleeves made from solid made and dimensioned according to the annex J of the FIA rules, it is therefore possible to use this rollcage for competitions where the use of a roll-bar according to Fia is required.

Each tube is cut and bent with specific machinery while the welding and assembly of the tubes are carried out with TIG technology.

It is assembled using a shell as a template for maximum precision and ease of assembly.

On request all the anchor points to the body can be connected to the frame.

The rollbar is supplied completely powder-coated with a matt black embossed scratch-resistant finish, on request it can be made to measure and painted in the most common colors.
Mounting: easy 
Other necessary changes: you must puncture the body to secure it firmly.
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