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Pair of rear shock absorbers for Suzuki Samurai ed Sj standard height

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Pair of rear shock absorbers Suzuki Samurai ed Sj standard height, Made in Italy.

Our shock absorbers are produced with steel tubes for mechanical uses. Internally lapped, phosphated and painted with epoxy powders, they prevent corrosion, resist wear from atmospheric agents and do not lose the paint.

The bushings present in the number of two for each eyelet, are in polyurethane, very resistant to deformation and wear, all components are sintered for maximum control over the calibration and the seals are in graphite Teflon to improve smoothness and silence.

Inside the shock absorber there is a first internal limit switch in extension, resistant up to 5000kg, and a second polyurethane limit switch which slows down the last 10mm of stroke to avoid excessive stress on six supports to the frame; they can be used as an excursion limit for the axle.

If it becomes necessary to customize the settings to meet particular needs (travel in the desert, competitions, towing trolleys, use mainly on snow, etc.) we offer the first free personalized calibration within the first year of purchase.

ROTHEN oil with a high viscosity index is used, which guarantees the maintenance of the calibration up to 200° C, therefore these shock absorbers are also suitable for heavy use and raids in the desert.

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