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Rear leaf springs S2 Suzuki Samurai and Sj

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Kit consists of two leaf springs REAR made in Italy by a leading company in the sector! 

These are type semi-elliptic multi-leaf springs, progressive, are entirely made in Italy on specific HM4X4, with this product we can say we have created a product of excellence unmatched anywhere in the world, are the UNIQUE IN THE WORLD to be fully galvanized and powder-coated, also the pad and anti-friction of our production, is produced with high quality Italian polyurethane and profile that does not allow to break away even when the leaf spring fully open!

These leaf springs, built with the best steel in compliance with EN 10089, UNI 3545-80 and DIN 17221 with profiles according to EN 1009, after being rolled, forged and formed, follows these treatments: 

  • heat treatment at 700° C by the manufacturer to obtain the mechanical characteristics of the project; 
  • magnetic particle examination and sample tests; 
  • shot peening, which consists in hammering surface with a jet of steel that causes a plastic deformation on surface that propagates p to a few tenths of a millimeter in the material, closes the microcracks and improves the distribution of surface tension, increasing the fatigue strength and flexibility of each leaf; 
  • cold electrolytic galvanizing treatment to prevent corrosion; 
  • dehydrogenation at 180°C,  to reduce the accumulated hydrogen during the electrolytic galvanizing process, necessary for hardened materials in accordance with ISO 2081; 
  • painted with black epoxy powder matte pearlescent. 

We choosed not to use the military wrap not to reduce the extension due to the interference with the shackles, but rather we tested with exciting results single reinforced eye that despite the high resistance gives the spring extremely fluid movements, so as to get closer to the work curve of a coil spring. The high quality of these leaf springs allows to contrast the typical sag problems of the right side of all the Suzuki Samurai and Sj. 

These leaf springs are from 2 to 4 cm (depending on bending) more long of the original, this brings to movement of the front axle, improving the attack angle and decreasing the front pitch. 

Other changes required: because of  the softness of these leaf springs, we recommend use of  bump stop and shackle of minimum 95mm.
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