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Rear leaf springs +5cm Suzuki Samurai and Sj

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This kit consists of 2 REAR leaf-springs, made in Italy by a leading company.

These are semi-elliptic and progressive 4 layers leaf springs, made in Italy to HM4X4 specification.

This is a product of incomparable excellence, since is the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD to be fully galvanized and powder-coated, provided with an anti-friction pad of our production, produced with high-quality Italian polyurethane that does not allow to break away even when the leaf-spring is fully open.

Warranty: 5 years.

These leaf-springs, made with the best steel in compliance with EN 10089, UNI 3545-80 and DIN 17221 with profiles realised according to EN 1009, after being laminated, forged and formed, undergo these treatments:

  • heat treating at 700° C made by the manufacturer to obtain the mechanical characteristics of the project;
  • magnetic particle and sample tests;
  • shot peening, which consists in a hammering the surface with a jet of steel shots, that causes a plastic deformation on surface that propagates to a few tenths of a millimeter. So it repairs the micro cracks and improves the distribution of surface tension, increasing the fatigue strength and the flexibility of each leaf;
  • cold electrolytic galvanizing treatment to prevent corrosion;
  • dehydrogenation at 180°C,  to reduce the hydrogen accumulatation occurred during the electrolytic galvanizing process, necessary for materials hardened in accordance with ISO 2081;
  • painted with matte pearlescent black epoxy powder.

We choosed to not use the military wrap – the double eye – to avoid a penalisation of the excursion due to the interference with the shackles, but rather we tested - with excellent results – a single reinforced eye that, despite the high resistance, gives the leaf-springs extremely fluid movements, so as to get closer to the work of a coil spring.

The high quality of these leaf-springs allows to contrast the typical lowering problems which occur on every Samurai or Sj’s right side. 

These leaf-springs are from 2 to 4 cm (depending on bending) longer than the original ones, so it results in a movement of the front axle, improving the angle of attack and decreasing the front pitching. 

Given the softness of these leaf-springs, it is possible to take advantage of the whole extension, reaching the original pads despite the higher crowning.

However, we recommend their use with bump-stops extensions that extend the leaf-springs’ duration, although they reduce mobility.

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