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Trail Gear E-Brake/Parking Brake Kit 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai

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This kit is used to install the disc brake on the Suzuki Samurai vstro reducer.

Installing the disc brake on the reducer can be used to replace the bulky, heavy and inefficient original drum brake present on the reducer of some Suzuki Samurai or Sj models or when the Suzuki Samurai is equipped with rear disc brakes and Suzuki calipers that they do not have the predisposition for the hand brake.

In this case it is possible to install the disc parking brake directly on the reducer and leave the rear bridge free from the handbrake cords that hinder the excursion, in this case you must also install the handbrake cable that acts on the reducer.

The kit includes a mechanically operated brake caliper that is mounted in the rear of the gearbox, thanks to a TIG-welded and galvanized bracket, which is screwed into the rear of the gearbox, in the existing holes.

The kit includes 8mm and 10mm bolts to be able to install the kit on the flanges of all Samurai models.

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