Cod. 0165
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Front aeronautical brake hose Suzuki Samurai and Sj spain

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Piping made in Italy type aeronautical core Teflon, with braiding and fittings in stainless steel billet and protective sheath transparent 

The precise control of braking and important in any difficult situation, which is in daily use in high level competition. 
The perfect perception of the pressure and the resulting braking response give you the confidence to tackle the most tracked in challenging road and offroad. 

The kit brake hoses and assembled according to precise specifications in order to guarantee the performance required. 

The use of stainless steel is in the manufacture of the braid inner metallic, that of the fittings, ensures an incomparable resistance to both corrosion abrasion. 
The pipes use steel fittings from solid and come with everything you need for mounting screws as connecting steel and copper washers. 
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