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Kit 4 spacer Suzuki Jimny

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Kit consisting of a 4 wheel spacers 30 mm aluminum formed by forging and subjected to all the work necessary to obtain a product with the tolerances of the centering, parallelism thousandth and finishes between 1 and 3 Micron. 

The kit includes a complete set of elongated stud to screw the studs original, the spacer will be simply inserted between the wheel and hub, so the wheel will remain anchored to the original columns, the spacer also has support function of the columns, the system and tested and is normally used also means much more heavy of a suzuki. 

The spacers are made ​​of aluminum alloy Zamak but using high purity now common in racing and aerospace field with outstanding qualities of resistance to thermal and mechanical stress. 

Increase the size of the roadway improves driving precision, significantly reduce body roll and weight transfer making the car more easy, safe and enjoyable to drive.
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