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T-case anti-breaking supports Suzuki Jimny

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T-case antibreaking supports kit entirely realised in stainless steel and 70 shore polyurethane, with anti-breaking pin in stainless steel for all Suzuki Jimny models.

This kit is produced in Italy and is the only one to be made entirely of polyurethane and stainless steel, noble materials that do not undergo any wear and are not attacked by atmospheric agents.

They are therefore eternal and will not need to be replaced for the entire life of the vehicle.

The stainless steel bolt preserves the kit from any possible breakage, the cups made from solid hold the support in its position, avoiding the movement of the t-case. Since they are made of stainless steel, they do not wear out and do not rust; the non-deformable polyurethane rings dampen any vibrations produced by the t-case, while maintaining their shape for life.

The polyurethane, being highly compressible, absorbs shocks - as far as possible - and avoids to break the t-case even in cases of collision with obstacles.

A simple and economic solution to eliminate breakages and annoying vibrations forever.

The kit consists of 3 t-case supports, each one including: 
  • 3 high-quality rings, 70 shore polyurethane;
  • 1 bolt with self-locking nut and washers, all in stainless steel;
  • 2 stainless steel cups, thickness minimum 5mm.
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