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Suzuki Jimny heavy duty T-case brackets

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This kit, produced entirely in Italy, allows the replacement of the Jimny t-case brackets originally very fragile and delicate. 

It is compatible with all Suzuki Jimny T-case.

The brackets built with C45 steel are obtained by laser cutting, bent with numerically controlled bending machines to guarantee the correct shaping and welded with T.I.G. These are galvanized and painted with epoxy powders. 

It can be installed easily and without modifications, in the anti-breaking reducer kit. These supports are made of stainless steel and polyurethane 70 with stainless steel anti-breakthrough cone. Made in Italy by HM4X4, it is the only one made of two noble materials such as polyurethane and stainless steel. 

The kit consists of the following accessories: 
- torque bracket; 
- anti-breaking supports kit; 
- bolts kit.
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